eSSee Consulting brings a brand new approach to performance improvement in Aging Services.

We are a performance improvement organization, dedicated to building capacity, sharing expertise, and enabling your team to excel in their work.

Worked with consultants in the past? We’re very different. Don’t look to us to recycle outdated industry knowledge or develop plans to help you compete in yesterday’s market. We’re visionaries and creators. We reach across industries to gather the best practices, processes and technological innovations. We’ll provide you tools to harness your organization’s strengths, guidance to innovate your own practices, and, most importantly of all, help to distill the right questions you need to answer now.

We can help you understand what others are doing, but your success and our specialty is helping you be you better.

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Available now from Amazon: Lean for Long-term Care and Aging Services: A Practical Guide for Driving Improvement, Engagement, and Resident-Centered Service. An all new, full color guide to understanding and implementing lean in Aging Services.

Ready to get started? So are we!