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Aging Services technology is exploding

Companies are rushing to develop, design and deploy new solutions to make life better for older adults living in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living commmunities and residential care homes.
But there’s a challenge: Aging Services is a complex, fragmented market, and vendors can be confused as to where their products fit in, how they can benefit providers and where to explore future development. 

With deep experience in long-term care and aging services operations, eSSee Consulting can help hone your product development, refine your value proposition and zero in on the touch points that can lead to success. For vendors already operating in the aging services space, we can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your interactions by applying lean knowledge, combined with our deep systems experience, to your organization.


See below for how we can help specific market segments

EHR Vendors
Data, Analytics and Improvement Vendors
Technology Vendors
Heath IT Startups
  • By harnessing our expertise with workflow design, our experience with long-term post-acute care IT implementations, and our knowledge of adult learning principles, we can help:

    • Identify unknown customer pain points
    • Streamline implementation processes
    • Understand workflow challenges with current UX/UI design
    • Strengthen training and knowledge management deployment
    • Improve end-user loyalty
  • While many providers are exciting about the possibility of better leveraging data, their systems sometimes struggle to turn this data into meaningful information and actionable knowledge. We help by:

    • Improving implementation and adoption of data systems
    • Developing usable bridges between data and knowledge
    • Teaching problem identification and improvement methodology
    • Building end-user loyalty
  • From telemedicine to remote monitoring to wellness engagement platforms, technology is transforming the senior living environment. Despite these amazing developments, many companies struggle with the byzantine regulatory environment, organizationally-challenged communities, and a lack of understanding how technology can improve the senior housing provider’s bottom line. We offer:

    • Expertise in regulatory and provider constraints
    • Experience in workflow design and program implementation
    • Assistance with understanding evolving payment systems and reimbursement models, and how opportunities are being created for new challenges to old problems
  • Startups are often gifted with phenomenal ideas and exceptional execution, but run into brick walls when interacting with providers. We can:

    • Develop go-to-market strategies for innovative products and services
    • Provide expertise in provider challenges and opportunities
    • Refine techonological implementations to better match provider pain points
    • Connect with key stakeholders and identify early test markets
Ready to get started? So are we!