Project Management and Program Implementation

Do you have a new project or special initiative you’re ready to launch? Do you want to implement a change or new evidence-based practice, but don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to implement it effectively? Have you attempted to integrate an amazing new program in the past, but then been disappointed with the results? Are you considering an EMR/ EHR solution or unhappy with a recent implementation?

We can help.

We provide project management services and guidance, from the “dream of what could be” phase to the “why isn’t this working already” phase. We have experience implementing a variety of training and culture change programs, care process improvements, and resident safety initiatives, and we can help you sort through which are right for your organization.

If you are considering an electronic medical record system, we can help you sort through vendor buzz and craft a roadmap for successful EMR adoption. We can assist with project scoping, contract negotiation, equipment selection, workflow analysis and redesign, go live, and post-implementation evaluation and controlling.

While many change initiatives include implementation guides or resources, organizations oftentimes struggle to integrate the programs into their existing culture, and experience instead unnecessary delays, frustrated team members, and reduced resident benefits. By approaching change with a structured, lean six sigma-inspired way of thinking, we help you process through where you are at (define/ measure), where you want to be (analyze), how to get you there (improve), and how to keep you there (control).

Ready to get started? So are we!